Lotus Pod Earrings


Lotus Pod Earrings

18K Gold-plated Brass
Matte Antique Finish
1-1/2 inch Pods
Hook or Clip Backs
Each Pod is embedded with 7 Swarovski crystals.

Are you attracted to the ethereal and the far from average? Behold the magical lotus, which reveals itself in the summer, and then only briefly, from morning till mid afternoon. At night, it dips beneath the murky pond once again. It was a fascination for Ganna Walska who assembled an exotic garden in California with a water garden of lotuses.

The interestingly complex grid that tops the pod is artfully replicated in our pendants. Pink, blue, and white lotuses all hold different meanings for different religions. Orchard goes for the gold, delicately carved, and gleaming with seven Swarovski crystals. Just like Ganna would like it, full of character.

“I am an enemy of the average.” – Ganna Walska (who one person said was the Diana Vreeland of the gardening world.)