Rose Gold Key Necklace - Nancy Drew Jewelry


Key Necklace

Nancy Drew Key to
Bird Haven Farm

18K Shiny
Rose Gold-plated Brass
21" Chain
1-1/4" Charm

Rose Gold Key Necklace

This impeccably designed, rose-colored key necklace is for a woman who dares for something to stump her. She possesses the tenacity to figure out the real mysteries in life. Like which door this hauntingly well designed replica unlocks.

Answer: The Nancy Drew Key Necklace to Bird Haven Farm unlocks a stone 1700s farmhouse in New Jersey where books in the Nancy Drew series were written. The publisher and writer to the series, Harriet Adams, lived at Bird Haven Farm for over 50 years. Janet Mavec now lives there and designed the Nancy Drew Key Necklace to Bird Haven Farm to unlock the potential to solve all life' s problems.