Oyster Shell Earrings in Gold


Oyster Shell Clip Earrings

18K Gold-plated Brass Oysters
Matte Antique Finish
Cushion Clip Back
1-6/8" Long

Shell jewelry is having a resurgence. Excuse us for saying, but Orchard’s take may be the classiest. That’s because designer Janet Mavec uses the oyster as a model, rather than a scallop, because of its tear-drop shape. So take that Botticelli (whose famous painting “Birth of Venus” depicts Venus standing on half a scallop shell). Each half of the oyster shell earrings shimmer from your lobes, like treasures hauled in from the sea.

These oyster shell earrings, modeled after Fishers Island Oysters, are firm, briny mollusks prized by chefs (Janet's favorite too!). While we like the idea of you wearing them, treat yourself at one of these restaurants here