Pumpkin Earrings in Gold


Pumpkin Earrings

18K Gold-plated Brass
Matte Antique Finish
3/8 inch Pumpkin Earrings
Hooked Backs

Pumpkin Earrings in Antique Matte Finish

You won’t feel a bit like Cinderella when wearing these gold pumpkin earrings that dangle from your lobes like magic balls. Designer Janet Mavec has beautifully cast the details of an heirloom variety of pumpkin known as Vif d’Etampes—the upright stems, the indents, the speckles.

As earrings (or a necklace) these pumpkins are a subtle golden sparkle when you move, elegant enough to go with work or play and a quick common center for friends and strangers who notice it.