Oyster and Pearl Necklace - Front View


Oyster and Pearl Small Necklace

18K Gold-plated Brass Oyster Shell with resin "Pearl"
Matte Antique Finish
Oyster charm 1 inch
18 inch Chain

Why settle for a string-of-pearls? Instead here’s a unique take on the average: An open pearl necklace within an oyster shell. This open oyster necklace reveals a single pearl dropped in the gold shell. Thank you, Ostreidae, for offering up this piece of wisdom. Thank you, designer Janet Mavec for the creation of the sea-inspired jewelry.

Fishers Island Oyster was the model (Janet's favorite oysters in New York, really her fave on the Eastern seaboard). The oyster shells of this necklace are so authentic it's as if the Atlantic Ocean carved them specially for you. It shimmers around your neck.