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The Peace Dove is Back /

The Peace Dove is Back

The Peace dove was my very first piece of jewelry I designed.  The inspiration came to me as I was looking at our bird feeder with the doves every morning that week.  It was right after 9/11 had happened and we were a...

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Free Flier: Bunny Williams /

Free Flier: Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams is an Interior Design heavy weight who is so much more than that! Continue reading
The Power Couple of Plants: Ken Druse and Louis Bauer /

The Power Couple of Plants: Ken Druse and Louis Bauer

  View of garden in the fall from the house    The Power Couple of Plants Why hello garden role models! When Ken Druse and Louis Bauer said “yes” to our request for their gardening secrets, we wet our plants. The two are...

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Leslie Harris: The Garden 'Splainer /

Leslie Harris: The Garden 'Splainer

It’s funny how the most inconsequential events can send life in a different direction. For example, because Leslie Harris’ first baby was such a good sleeper 35 years ago, Leslie is now a garden design consultant and host of her own podcast “Into the Garden with Leslie.” That baby’s love of a nap gave Leslie, who was on maternity leave, free time to putter in the garden, and develop a deep love of it. Continue reading
A Bright Bulb in the Garden State: Sam Rothman /

A Bright Bulb in the Garden State: Sam Rothman

There aren’t many days when Sam Rothman is able to just “patshke in the garden,” as she says. Professional floral-farmers need to find other outlets for patshke-ing. To fill New Jersey’s vases with blooms requires flora focus, and a little magic. Continue reading
Linda Vater: Living a Garden Inspired Life /

Linda Vater: Living a Garden Inspired Life

In the springtime, you can see the result of Linda Vater’s addiction: 800 tulips pop into colors in her garden. Cars roll by to ogle. “In high school, my gateway drug was houseplants,” says the Oklahoma City resident. She eventually crossed over to outdoor plants, became a self-taught garden designer, then a plant advocate, ambassador, and spokesperson. Continue reading
Floral Expectations: 350 Flowers /

Floral Expectations: 350 Flowers

Flower farmer, I am not. Flower hobbyist, I am. I recycle dog-food cans, pull dribs, drabs and drama from my garden, and arrange sweet bouquets for the farmers market. That is, until this past summer when the trajectory of my relationship with flowers changed. Ready for a little flora fairytale? 
How I grew 350 flowers for my niece's wedding.
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The Best Garden Tools /

The Best Garden Tools

Now that you're fully immersed in your garden, you might want to know the tools of the trade. Here’s what garden experts say they can’t live without. Continue reading
All Fired Up: Q&A with Ceramicist Frances Palmer /

All Fired Up: Q&A with Ceramicist Frances Palmer

Frances Palmer’s hands are always busy—whether she’s spinning her world-famous pottery, arranging colorful bouquets from her own cutting gardens, baking cakes, or, most recently, writing a book.

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The Plant Nut: Jospeh Marek /

The Plant Nut: Jospeh Marek

For most of his young life, Joseph Marek grew up rootless, in plant speak. With a military dad, the family moved every three years or so, from regions as varied as South Texas and Alaska to the German Rhineland and Tidewater, Virginia.

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Down to Earth: Christina Chrobokowa /

Down to Earth: Christina Chrobokowa

When designing outdoor spaces, Christina Chrobokowa takes her cues from one of the strongest and wisest voices of all: Mother Nature. Continue reading
Charlotte Moss Flowers /

Charlotte Moss Flowers

Writing a book has often been compared to birthing a child. Let’s take a moment then to appreciate that interior designer Charlotte Moss’ 11th was born on April 6, 2021. The subject: flowers—their colors, scents, shapes, and attitudes that can tszuj up a party or everyday living.

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