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Our customers are saying...

Omg I just received the bubo owl necklace! It is so stinking cute/cool!!! It’s a gift for my daughter, she’s going to love it!!! I plan on ordering again from you for my other daughter!! – M.H.

I wear your earrings everyday. I was in maastricht the last few days and the Swarovski drops were my best friend day and night. :) never stop thinking of you. My mother totally adore her necklace with the acorn, best gift I have given her in years! – L.

I just recieved the Sunflower Necklace and I have to say it looks even better in my hand than it did on the computer screen (and it looked really nice there!). The character in the petals is exquisite. – A.B.

I received it and I LOVE it!!!!! Thank you so much. – D.M.S.

Thank you so much for the beautiful acorn necklace. – A.B.

My pumpkin necklace has fabulous heft and detail. I’m looking forward to gifting the Sage Wisdom earrings and collecting more pieces of my own! – G.C.

Just received my lovely acorn earrings. I love them. They’re perfect, thank you. – L.H.

I love your pieces so much and look forward to collecting them seasonally! Stay well! – S.R.

The jewelry arrived and it is absolutely beautiful. Your work is inspiring. My husband is an artist and so admired also. We had a long conversation about how they were made. We really appreciate it. We are very enthused to share the gifts with our two daughters, including the college grad whose graduation present is the wise owl (and apartment rent, but the owl is the charm and the elegance). Thank you so much. I also appreciate the very thoughtful gift wrapping and packaging, as well as the peach tomato jam recipe! All of it absolutely wonderful! MR

... and we’re so grateful for the kind words!

Photograph by Ngoc Minh Ngo